12FORWARD: På vår systersajt 12fwd.com listas städer och krogar som leder dig till världens mest unika, innovativa och banbrytande restauranger – "food-forward". På väg till London? Här är två nya måsten! 

Tātā Eatery At Tāyer + Elementary

"Thrilling modern European food with Asian touches in an up-close counter setting"

Claim to fame: The TĀTĀ chefs worked with Nuno Mendes at Viajante, while Tayer co-owner Alex Kratena helped win “world’s best bar” four times at Artesian.
Reason to go: The food combines high-minded experimentalism with downright deliciousness and does so consistently.
To look out for: The carefully considered drinks pairing, majoring on cocktails but also including wine and beer.


“Deceptively simple dishes in a restaurant paying homage to Parisian buvettes and San Sebastián pintxo bars” 

Claim to fame: It’s the second opening from the duo behind one of London’s hottest modern European restaurants, Lyle’s.
Reason to go: The space, within Borough Market, is beautifully designed and the food lives up to the surroundings.
To look out for: The excellent house-made sourdough bread and pastries: an incentive to go for Saturday morning coff.ee

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