All day coastal gastronomy

Restaurant Bro (meaning bridge) is more than just a restaurant. It’s an amusement park. Whether you’re looking for a light lunch, an exceptional dining experience or just a drink in the bar. Adding to the pleasure is the excellent price-quality ratio, assuring that an even better time will be had.

Upstairs, you’ll find the everyday hangout with signature lunch plates such as avocado and clipfish (dried, salted cod) on rye, come dinner time, the menu here will tempt you with brioche burgers accompanied by Nordic cole slaw. Bar and bistro manager Fredrik Sjöberg will keep you hydrated with the house's own herbaceous twist on a French 75, or he might convince you to try the signature Monk Berry with strawberry infused Chartreuse. No bar in the country uses more Chartreuse than Bro, but they do so with great creativity and playfulness.

In the downstairs dining room it’s all about the sea. The first snack from the open kitchen kicks off the Coastal Gastronomy tasting menu with a salty kiss of fried fish skin, onions and black garlic resting on stones as if just washed ashore. It's crunchy, crisp and crackling. The next is a cod fritter served on a stick and topped with seaweed. By now you should have figured out that your meal will be local in nature and packed with exiting flavor- and texture combinations.

Head chef Ronny Kolvik and his restaurant manager and sommelier, Joakim Hoff, work well together, presenting a line of servings to remember. One of them is a take on the classic asparagus with butter sauce. It’s one of those rare moments you wish was endless; elegant, thin slices of green vegetables reinforcing the acidic butter sauce with fermented white asparagus, and fresh, green, nutlike flavors growing even more intense with popping fish roe and chewy crumbs of fried yeast. It’s difficult to know which tastes better, the food or the wine––a Grüner Veltliner Terrassen 2016 from Weingut Nikolaihof––as they blend together and become one. Bro’s dangerously good bread, baked with yogurt, sourdough, and fermented potato is dense as a rock and served with dry fish butter and leek oil. If it doesn’t kill you, the grilled langoustine surrounded by blackcurrant cream and shellfish sauce just might.

Published January 2020



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