WHITE GUIDE NORDIC: Throughout history, Denmark has been a bridge between continental Europe and the Nordics. Many fads and trends from the south, food-related and other, were tested here before eventually spreading north. However, a decade and a half ago, the roles were reversed as the ground-breaking New Nordic Cuisine was conceptualized in Denmark through its legendary Manifesto 2004 inspiring innovative and locavore gastronomy worldwide.

Today, the New Nordic movement has morphed into a “dogma-light” global agenda highlighting local produce and seasonality, heritage and sustainability – at its best resulting in an astonishing gastro-diversity, fuelled by countless young cooks from all over the world, who after working in the top Nordic kitchens brought the approach with them back home to apply it on their local conditions. Today, Denmark’s restaurant scene is home to many extraordinarily skilled and talented foreign chefs, enriching the culinary offering far beyond the New Nordic tradition, making Denmark a prime travel destination or stop-over for food lovers of the world.

First out are the entries on Global Masters Level.


  1. Alchemist, Copenhagen, 39/98
  2. Noma, Copenhagen, 39/97
  3. Koks, Leynar, Faroe Islands, 39/96
  4. Kadeau Copenhagen, Copenhagen, 39/95
  5. Geranium, Copenhagen, 38/95
  6. AOC, Copenhagen, 38/94
  6. Søllerød Kro, Holte, 38/94
  6. Mielcke & Hurtigkarl, Copenhagen, 38/94
  6. Frederikshøj, Aarhus, 38/94
10. Jordnær, Gentofte, 38/92
11. Kong Hans Kælder, Copenhagen, 37/92
12. Dragsholm Slot Gourmet, Hørve, 37/91
13. MeMu, Vejle, 37/89
13. 108, Copenhagen, 37/87
15. Molskroen, Ebeltoft, 36/92
16. Studio, Copenhagen, 36/91
17. Ti Trin Ned, Fredericia, 36/91
18. Henne Kirkeby Kro, Henne, 36/90
19. Hotel Frederiksminde, Præstø, 36/89
20. Villa Vest, Lønstrup, 36/80

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