Sweden's best hotel is in Växjö, the best bar is in Stockholm. Packed with exhilarating hospitality experiences and sizzling bars, celebration "Forward, Fun & Fab". 

Sweden is known for its progressive dining and café culture, there are great experiences to be had across the whole country, from bravely innovative newbies to successfully redefined, extraordinary classics. A wave of new and revamped hotels are quickly catching up, just like a slew of new and noteworthy cocktail, beer and wine bars are upping the drinking game.   

“White Guide has helped passionate guests find the right tables for the past 15 years”, says Lars Peder Hedberg, White Guide’s publisher.

“Now we’re going to help them find the right bed and the right barstool.  First and foremost we wish to highlight great personalities; hotels and bars with forward-thinking concepts, effervescent ambiance or exceptional experiences.”   

The new White Guide Hotel+Bar 2019 launched December 3. Ten hotels were nominated for the top prize.

The winner is: Sweden’s most outstanding hotel experience 2019 Pm & Vänner, Växjö 
For having created a unique universe of typically Swedish proportions, where the classic, Smålandian bleakness has been transformed into a supreme quality product – in everything from design solutions, choice of materials and service, to the exceptional range of gastronomy – offering Sweden’s most interesting breakfast and one of its most unparalleled dining experiences.

Twelve hotels were nominated in three experience-categories, “forward”, “fun” and “fab”.

The winners are: This year’s “Forward” – the most innovative hotel 2019
Downtown Camper by Scandic, 
For having thoroughly chronicled an historical era in hotel-format, a sustainable concept that speaks directly to its target audience, with an array of services that are as progressive as they are well delivered, creating a glorious, vibrant ambiance that carries through all the way to the room.

This year’s “Fun” – the most convivial hotel 2019 MJ’s, Malmö 
For having given a city-classic a complete wardrobe-rethink, going from serene stalwart to droll oddball with high, international standards, boosting your mood as soon as you step inside the door, cranking it up further with entertaining kitchen- and bar offerings and keeping it at its peak until you collapse in bed.

This year’s “Fab” – the most spectacular hotel 2019 Wanås Restaurant Hotel, Knislinge 

For having merged an internationally lauded sculpture park with a gastro-hotel, set in two magnificent and landmarked, 18th century buildings, making for an unbeatable, immersive encounter with nature, history, art and culture, where the hotel experience conjures the best of past and present. A total of eighteen bars were nominated.

The winners are: Sweden’s best beer bar 2019
Omnipollos Hatt, 
For having elevated all things beer-related, with knowledge, remarkable creativity and great desire for experimentation; flavors, aromas, textures, ingredients, looks and overall experiences are enhanced by a playful sense of humor.

Sweden’s best wine bar 2019 Folii, Stockholm 
For carefully and astutely delivering everything we want in a wine bar; selection, food, ambiance, décor and the value-added bonus of the humble and knowledgeable staff that goes out of its way to make sure every guest gets proper attention.  Sweden’s Best Cocktail Bar 2019 &

Sweden’s Best Bar 2019 Tjoget, Stockholm 
For tirelessly revolutionizing the country’s cocktail-culture, focusing on balanced flavors, high-quality ingredients and innovation.  For the impressive level of service that is never short of flawless, even when the house is full, and for the ambitious wine bodega and beer hall housed in the same alcazar of alcohol.


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