Find your unique experience in Sweden

Welcome to White Guide's treasure chest – a string of sparkly pleasures and gustatory experiences that could just be slightly hard to find on your own.

Foreign and native guests alike have a growing appetite for extraordinary encounters that showcase the rich variety and many joys of Sweden’s unique nature, culture and traditions. White Guide's special section, The Hidden Gems, aims to help you find memorable food, drink and hospitality experiences, both haute and honest, in under-exposed nooks, concealed beyond city-neon and camouflaged in countryside corners. They range from newly opened and experimental (yet always “pre-hype”) to distinguished institutions that excel in truly classic fare or simply offer a whiff of old-timey greatness.
White Guide’s Hidden Gems is continuously updated to showcase the colorful breadth of Sweden as a Food and Drink Destination. So go ahead and shar these tips with those friends who are on the look-out for off the map-excitement.
Dive into these treasures: