Recently the number of hotels in Tallinn has been growing rapidly. Among the newcomers are two accommodation options that are completely novel for Tallinn.

Text: Aivar Hanson, photo: Lauri Laan

Nothel discloses through its name that it is not a regular hotel. Nothel is the only fully automated accommodation in Estonia, where the guests will not meet a single member of staff. It is located in a historic building, right in the city centre. Hence every apartment is different and there is a variation in size. The size mostly dictates the kitchen facilities available. Nothel promises the offer the most homely accommodation outside your home. And that in central Tallinn.

In Telliskivi (the ‘hipster district’) Hektor Contrainer Hotel was recently opened and it nicely compliments its surroundings. The hotel is based in an imposing limestone building, that used to be a train depot. There are no traditional rooms, those are replaced by stacked shipping containers. Every container features a wide, comfortable bed and a modern bathroom stocked with cosmetics made from natural ingredients. For life outside the bedroom, there is a kitchen for self-catering, a co-working space, a meeting room and a bar.

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