White Guide Global AB
White Guide Global AB is the owner of all White Guide brands and systems and the operational platform for its international expansion. It will develop and launch its own global services, such as 12forward, in addition to operating as a franchisor for country or city-based local White Guides, building on the Swedish and Danish formula.

The White Guide
The White Guide is now the authoritative guide and a driving force behind the continuous development of both gastronomy and restaurant culture in the Nordics. The key is thorough, high-quality reviews with a personal touch, done with transparent evaluation criteria and complete editorial integrity. All the White Guide tests are conducted anonymously (bookings are made under pseudonyms) and meals are paid for without exception. The guide always looks for, and rewards, personality, innovation, sustainability and ambience. The Swedish White Guide has been published annually since 2005. Around 800 restaurants are tested every year of which 600 qualify for the annual major listing. The White Guide Café and The White Guide Denmark were launched in 2013 and The White Guide Nordic in 2014.

White Guide's system for assessing restaurants
The White Guide evaluates the level and performance of a restaurant’s food, beverages, service, and ambiance. The rating-scale is based on a total of 100 points. Tallied separately, the restaurant’s culinary performance carries most weight; a maximum of 40 points. Beverages, service and ambience can achieve a maximum of 20 points each. In all areas of assessment, we give extra weight to idea, concept, focus and personality. See Classification page.

In addition, some establishments are marked FWD, FUN and FAB

FWD = where innovation happens in an interesting way.

FUN = where people-watching and fun vibes are the reason to pay a visit.

FAB = where the ambiance, cultural and other features of distinction are the main draws.



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