Wild River


  • Restaurant
  • Hjärtekrog
  • Fab

Mårdselforsen 3
922 91Vindeln
072-182 21 90

Seats 38

Queen of the Vindel River

Wild River struck like a comet from the foodie heavens last summer, quickly becoming a talking point all the way to Umeå, 130 kilometres downstream the scenic Vindel River. A young and hungry trio had taken over a modest eatery by the popular Mårdsele Rapids, where the eponymous nature reserve draws vast numbers of visitors every year. With this new team of cooks and servers, though, nature may just get eclipsed. Food – with its origins, flavours and the craftsmanship that goes into preparing it – is what this place is about. Ingredients are brought from nearby woods and lakes, and refined in the kitchen with a sense of curiosity and commendable finesse. Things are allowed to take time here, so that flavours have a chance to develop. The setup is simple: order and pay at the till, then sit down and enjoy. The staff’s hospitality deserves special mention – they make everyone feel comfortable and welcome.

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