Eco by StrandNära


  • Restaurant
  • Hjärtekrog

Dansbanevägen 3, Stora Frö
386 60Mörbylånga
0485-366 00

Seats 45

Summer dream at the beachside B&B

Red pines frame the terrace of the early 20th-century villa, where a party of well-to-do seniors buzzes as nature lovers in hiking gear drop in after the day’s outing. Indoors, crochet tablecloths and solid pine furniture evoke granny’s-house cosiness and heighten expectations for the B&B’s renowned summer menu. Local ingredients are presented with feeling – you can tell the capable staff are engaged. Flavours are intense: a perfect risotto is rich with cheese; a carefully grilled scallop is served with parsnip cream to nicely contrasting effect. The vegetable dishes shine particularly: blackened robust celeriac tops a mound of buttery cauliflower cream with al-dente broad beans, crisp hazelnuts and the saltiness of lots of extra mature cheese from Almnäs. The coffee is the best we’ve had this side of the Öland bridge. We waddle out in bliss, with toffee-crisp liquorice dreams and a velvety raspberry sorbet still lingering in our minds.

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