We cover the forefront of gastronomy, so you don’t end up in its backwater


Do you keep track of the latest gastronomic developments? Do you know where to find "food forward", the initiatives that impact gastronomy's future direction? At White Guide we do. We're proud to support culinary evolution by recognizing innovation, understanding progress and sharing our finds. We fully embrace food forward as a driver of change, not only in what we consume but in how we live.

At this very moment we are eating our way through the world's most culinarily advanced cities. Radical gastronomy thrives in urban environments. It's in cities that evolution is constantly pushed forward, with boundaries transgressed and new directions explored. We aim to identify the truly cutting-edge eateries and outline the progress of gastronomy globally by explaining what these restaurants are creating and inventing.

12forward by White Guide lists the 12 eateries in each chosen city that at any given moment represent the very forefront of gastronomy - ranging from fine dining restaurants to hole-in-the-wall joints - the must-visit places for any passionate "gastromad". The lists will be continuously updated; a new entry will result in an old one being taken off. New cities will be added gradually, to eventually cover the forefront of gastronomy in some 30 cities worldwide.


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