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White Guide Global AB

White Guide Global AB is the owner of all White Guide brands and systems and the operational platform for further international expansion. It will develop and launch its own global services, such as 12forward, in addition to operating as a franchisor for country- or city-based local White Guides building on the Swedish and Danish formula.

White Guide

12forward is an initiative by White Guide, the leading Nordic restaurant guide system that is now expanding beyond the Nordic region. For more than ten years White Guide has been a vital driving agent in the evolution of Nordic gastronomy by being completely open about its selection- and marking criteria, while supporting innovation, sustainability and rewarding ambience. Restaurants are always reviewed anonymously, meals are paid for, and the reviews combine serious food criticism with inspiring journalism and up-to-date guiding information.

White Guide's system for assessing restaurants

A restaurant experience is comprised of many components. In the White Guide we assess the level, direction and quality of a restaurant’s food, beverages, service, and ambiance. The rating-scale is based on a total of 100 points. Tallied separately, the greatest amount
 of weight is placed on the food, i.e. the restaurant’s gastronomy. Subsequently, adding the results of the other evaluation areas, we compile a total score that summarizes each restaurant’s score. In all areas of assessment, we give extra weight to idea, concept, focus and personality.

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