Global Gastronomy Day
with Dan Barber

September 5th at Fotografiska, Stockholm

Global Gastronomy Day

Food is arguably the new mega-force driving change in how we live, globally and locally.

Join us for a full day of exploring how local and global gastronomy increasingly interact to achieve a sustainable food system – for more to enjoy more. This day is in honor of Dan Barber, 2016 Global Gastronomy Award laureate, one of the most influential philosophers of gastronomy in our time.

Today gastronomy is not only about enjoying food, it’s also about understanding its secrets and securing our future food sources. By continuously pushing the boundaries, extending our endeavors beyond plate and kitchen, and reviewing our entire relationship to food, we can help feed people, and feed them better – not only today, but in the years to come.


Morning Seminar

Trend Seminar: Gastronomy Forward

– NOW and NEXT in gastronomy – trends, science, technology, initiatives, people and places


Forward & Beyond Lunch

by Paul Svensson & Friends, Fotografiskas Restaurang

Afternoon Seminar

Global Gastronomy Award

– 2016 Award Ceremony
– Dan Barber on Seeds: Cultivating the Future of Flavor

Trend Seminar: Gastronomy Beyond

– Going CIRCULAR – economy, technology, initiatives, waste and taste

Award Dinner

Global Gastronomy Award Dinner

– by Dan Barber & Friends, Blue Hill at Stone Barns, NYC

This year, 2016, the Global Gastronomy Award celebrates its 10th laureate along with its own 10th anniversary.

If any chef represents what the Global Gastronomy Award aims to be, it is Dan Barber.

As much a food philosopher and researcher as a chef, Dan Barber currently holds the #48 spot on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list with his Blue Hill at Stone Barns, in Upstate New York. Simultaneously grand and pastoral, the surroundings set the scene perfectly for an intriguing meal, addressing heart, brain and senses in equal measure. Here, focus lies chiefly on vegetables, Barber’s foremost area of expertise – his vegetable cuisine is radically forward. His thinking on how our food can be better sourced, produced and processed – or rather not – is equally radical. In his book The Third Plate (2014) he argues for a shift in our entire food system, both in method and in course.

Working together with leading universities, Barber aims to combine the knowledge of previous generations with the latest findings in scientific research, including natural genetics. Great flavour is the quality he constantly looks for in produce, taking the quest further than anyone before him. Flavour resides in the genes – and in the soil – and to enhance it we must work them in tandem. His radical theories are continually put to the test at his farm and his two restaurants.

If any chef today is forward – and beyond – it is Dan Barber.

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Dan Barber. Photo: Mark Ostow

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