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12forward is a new initiative from White Guide Global.

Soft launched, this digital guide leads you to the world’s truly “food-forward” restaurants across the globe, the must-visit places for any passionate "gastromad".

Currently, 12forward can be downloaded from the iPhone App Store. The freemium version offers Copenhagen, Berlin and Tokyo. Whilst more cities are available for in-app purchase – such as London, New York, Stockholm and Singapore – new ones are introduced on a continuous basis. Next in line is Paris, Cape Town, Bangkok and Chicago. The listings are limited to 12 eateries in each city, when a new trailblazer enters the stage, an older one is knocked off.

The entries will be assessed according to White Guide’s 100 point score system. 12forward will identify each restaurant’s claim to fame; what’s really forward, the main reasons to go and what to look out for.

White Guide has enlisted some of the world’s leading food writers and restaurant reviewers as contributing editors for 12forward. Enabling continuous monitoring, these editors all reside in their resident cities and include Stockholm/Berlin based publisher Lars Peder Hedberg as well as New York/Los Angeles based Executive Editor Argot Murelius.

Whilst 12forward is currently only available for iPhone, in early 2017 it will be available for Android along with additional features to be announced.

Click here to read more about 12Forward.

For the first time: White Guide Stockholm

WHITE GUIDE: For the first time today, a White Guide for a specific city was launched – Stockholm. White Guide Stockholm 2016-17 contains the very best restaurants, cafés and 20 hotels with exceptional personalities.

The guide is in both Swedish and English, and features restaurants and cafés from the 2016 Swedish guides that were launched in March in May, respectively (some restaurant reviews are new). For the first time, White Guide has also reviewed hotels, and selected 20 of Stockholm's most exceptional ones, in different price ranges.

"We're extra happy to have a sneak premiere of hotels in White Guide Stockholm, with a selection of 20 that have exceptional personality. As when we review restaurants and cafés, extra care has been taken to develop a points system that will help the guest to find the right hotel for the right occasion. We see a big demand for initiated and thorough reviews of hotels, and are aiming to develop this concept in all our markets in the future", says Peter Hansson, CEO of White Guides AB.

Read the full press release (in Swedish) HERE!

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