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With Enrique Olvera as its 2017 laureate, the Global Gastronomy Awards were presented at his Mexico City restaurant Pujol on September 23rd, 2018. For ten consecutive years the awards ceremony was hosted in Stockholm, last year, however, it became a movable feast and relay race, traveling to the home turf of the previous year’s winner. The first global stop was New York where 2016 awardee Dan Barber handed over the baton to Enrique Olvera. Chef Olvera in turn passed it on to David Thompson, making Bangkok the next destination.

The event was celebrated with the two Global Gastronomy Award chefs engaging in a four-hand-dinner with a “Grandma cooking” theme, honoring the countless, anonymous female cooks who have brought about the food we all love.

Twelve years of forward gastronomy, reaching beyond the plate
Over the past decade, the Global Gastronomy Award has honored some of the world’s most lauded and forwardthinking chefs, starting with Catalonia’s Ferran Adrià in 2007 (see next page for the full list). Not only excelling in the culinary arts, each awardee has also pioneered initiatives that reach far beyond the plate. Some have found ways to revive near-lost forms of knowledge, others have taken innovative, and sometimes radical, approaches to reducing environmental damage, while yet others have achieved social change through gastronomy.

In all its phases––production, distribution, consumption and waste management––our food system has a major impact on the biosphere. While we should savor the joys of eating, we also have to feed a growing world population and strive for a more sustainable development throughout the food chain. This is an important dimension in the evolution of today’s gastronomy, and a necessity if we are to safeguard the wellbeing of the planet and all its inhabitants. Reflecting this concern, the Global Gastronomy Awards support some of the most outstanding initiatives in the field.

The Global Gastronomy Pre-plate and Post-plate Awards
At the Mexico City Global Gastronomy event, White Guide Global, in consultation with Stockholm Resilience Centre, presented two awards that recognize important sustainability initiatives – a Pre-plate Award that focuses on sourcing initiatives, and a Post-plate Award that honors efforts to reduce waste and other by-products of the food system, especially within the hospitality sector.

The Global Gastronomy Pre-plate Award 2018
“For contributing to reduce pressure on biodiversity, increasingly threatened by monocultures, by promoting forgotten traditional and newly explored wild plants that have both culinary and nutritional value, and stimulate a demand for unusual produce through creative cooking.”

The Global Gastronomy Post-plate Award 2018
“For developing cheap, fast and sustainable bioremediation techniques that use residual and waste products from food production to purify contaminated soil, and thereby turn a major problem into part of the solution.”




For the 12th year running, the White Guide proudly presents the Global Gastronomy Award. Awarded to a chef or other figure within the world of gastronomy whose effort and vision has made him or her a role model and source of inspiration to others, the prize recognizes individuals who are moving gastronomy forward – and beyond. With Australian-born, Bangkok-based chef David Thompson as its 2018 laureate, the Global Gastronomy Awards will take place in Mexico City on September 23 and 24.

Global Gastronomy Award 2018
DAVID THOMPSON, Bangkok, Thailand.

“By exploring, recording and restoring the rich and partly lost treasures of traditional Thai cooking – from royal cuisine to street food – David Thompson has identified the key building blocks and original paths of an integrated Thai gastronomy that bridges the past and the future.”

Read more about Chef Thompson here.

Highlighting “sustainability-forward”

The Global Gastronomy Awards 2017

Over the past decade, the Global Gastronomy Award has honored some of the world’s most celebrated and forward-thinking chefs, from Ferran Adrià (Catalonia) in 2007, to Enrique Olvera (Pujol, Mexico City) in 2017. Each of the award winners not only excels in culinary arts but has also pioneered initiatives that reach far beyond the plate, adding to the groundwork of a resilient global gastronomy.

The Global Gastronomy Award 2017
The Global Gastronomy Award 2017 laureate, Enrique Olvera, has redefined Mexican classics, brought the rich spectrum of regional fare into the limelight and narrowed the gap between fine dining and street food. To quote Ferran Adrià: “There is a before and after Olvera in Mexican cuisine”.

The 2017 Global Gastronomy Awards took place on September 25 th in New York City, the hometown of 2016 laureate Dan Barber. Having staged the ceremony in Stockholm for the past ten years, the event will from now on move to the home base of the previous year’s winner, which makes Mexico City next year’s host city.

The inaugural Pre-plate and Post-plate awards
This year, two new awards were introduced to recognize sustainability efforts at every step in the food chain: a pre-plate award that focuses on sourcing initiatives, and a post-plate award that honors efforts to reduce waste and other by-products of food consumption, especially within the hospitality sector.

The Global Gastronomy Pre-plate Award 2017
Chinampas revival, Yolcan/ Lucio Usobiaga – Mexico
For leading the revival of ancient Aztec agriculture in Mexico City’s unique, man- made chinampas archipelago; for bringing its rich flavors and nourishing, organic produce to the capital’s tables; for improving the region’s food sovereignty; and for supporting the local farming community.

The Global Gastronomy Post-plate Award 2017
Food for Soul /Lara Gilmore, Massimo Bottura, Cristina Reni – Italy and worldwide
For their passionate work to destigmatize “the soup kitchen” by launching well- designed community canteens that serve–with dignity and respect–delicious meals, based on surplus food, to those in need; and for engaging chefs, artists, volunteers and communities at large in this initiative.

Initiatives that impact the future of food: “sustainability-forward”
To further highlight the power of food in driving change, including efforts to fight global warming, 12fwd.com will report on initiatives around the world that have the potential to contribute to a smarter food system: sustainable––and palatable. At our awards ceremony in New York, we recognized twelve projects that may impact the future of food by addressing some of the key challenges and many promising opportunities in the food sector. It includes science projects, rethinking food on a macro as well as a micro––even nano––level, agro-archaeology and hi-tech urban farming. These initiatives will be featured more in-depth during the comings months, and new initiatives will be highlighted.


For the 11th year in a row we presented the Global Gastronomy Award to a chef or culinary personality who is currently active and who has become a model and a source of inspiration in the gastronomic world.

And the 2017 Global Gastronomy Award recipient is…


Pujol, Mexico City, Mexico.

“For having elevated Mexican classics and beloved street food to new heights, bridging modesty and sophistication, hindsight and modernity – and for bringing the rich spectrum of regional fare into the limelight, including indigenous and ancient delicacies, whose secrets he has successfully unlocked.”.

Read more about Chef Olvera here.

Global Gastronomy Award to tour the world

Also announced today in Copenhagen is that The Global Gastronomy Award will now extend into two new awards – one “pre-plate” and one “post-plate” award, the first one focusing on sourcing, the other one on initiatives in taking care of the remnants in our food chain. The main award will continue to have its focus on gastronomy itself, what’s on the plate and the philosophy behind it, and it will be bestowed on a chef who impacts gastronomy right now.

Because there are so many promising initiatives around the world that put gastronomy in a broader sustainability context that we want to highlight and honour, instead of one Global Gastronomy Award, there will be three. And from now on the plan is to continually move the Award ceremony and major event to the hometown of the latest laureate. This is why the major event will take place late September in New York, with dinners and seminars. In addition, there will be a follow-up event in Milan later this fall. You could say that by leaving its birthplace in Sweden and going on a worldwide tour the Global Gastronomy Award is finally coming home.

Read more about The Global Gastronomy Award here.

White Guide Nordic 2017-18

Serving up the Nordics – with Nordic Forward and Global Gastronomy

The 2017-18 edition of the White Guide Nordic will be released on Monday, June 26 – featuring almost 350 restaurants in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, including the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Svalbard. To better synchronize with the growing gastrotourism to the region in its full seasonal bloom, the launch has been moved to early summer instead of late autumn. In previous years the White Guide Nordic has been released in Oslo, Helsinki and Stockholm - this will be its first release in Copenhagen, with a Nordic Forward Trend Seminar, the White Guide Global Gastronomy Award laureate announcement and the White Guide Nordic dinner.

Nordic Forward Trend Seminar

2004 turned out to be a defining year for the Nordic gastro scene when 12 top chefs came together to put the Nordic region on the gastronomic world map and the New Nordic Manifesto was born. A new generation of Nordic chefs have made their mark from New York to Hong Kong and Bolivia, spreading the gospel of the manifesto. Now the hype is over, but the impact is huge – and continues to grow. All over the world we see the principles of the New Nordic Manifesto applied to national, regional and local cuisines. This is creating a richly varied global gastronomy, helping us to combat environmental threats and climate challenges, and instilling pride in local assets and traditions and affecting how they are translated into new insights and initiatives the world over. New Nordic fast-forward – the New Global?

White Guide Nordic Dinner

Chef Kamilla Seidler was born in Copenhagen, and is the executive chef of Restaurant GUSTU in Bolivia. GUSTU’s objective is to endow youth with abilities and knowledge to start their own businesses, creating a value chain that constantly vitalizes Bolivian cuisine. Kamilla was awarded Latin America’s Best Female Chef in 2016 and GUSTU is ranked N°14 by "Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants". Kamilla is spearheading the White Guide Nordic gala dinner together with Hotel- & Restaurantsskolen.

13.30 Doors open Nordic Forward Trend seminar
14.00-17.00 Nordic Forward Trend seminar

16.30 Doors open White Guide Nordic 2017-18 reception
17.00-18.30 White Guide Nordic 2017-18 reception
Global Gastronomy Award announcement
White Guide Nordic countdown

18.30-22.00 White Guide Nordic dinner by Kamilla Seidler (Gustu, Bolivia)

Tickets and more information.

Want to taste the future?

12forward is a new initiative from White Guide Global.

Soft launched, this digital guide leads you to the world’s truly “food-forward” restaurants across the globe, the must-visit places for any passionate "gastromad".

Currently, 12forward can be downloaded from the iPhone App Store. The freemium version offers Copenhagen, Berlin and Tokyo. Whilst more cities are available for in-app purchase – such as London, New York, Stockholm and Singapore – new ones are introduced on a continuous basis. Next in line is Paris, Cape Town, Bangkok and Chicago. The listings are limited to 12 eateries in each city, when a new trailblazer enters the stage, an older one is knocked off.

The entries will be assessed according to White Guide’s 100 point score system. 12forward will identify each restaurant’s claim to fame; what’s really forward, the main reasons to go and what to look out for.

White Guide has enlisted some of the world’s leading food writers and restaurant reviewers as contributing editors for 12forward. Enabling continuous monitoring, these editors all reside in their resident cities and include Stockholm/Berlin based publisher Lars Peder Hedberg as well as New York/Los Angeles based Executive Editor Argot Murelius.

Whilst 12forward is currently only available for iPhone, in early 2017 it will be available for Android along with additional features to be announced.

Click here to read more about 12Forward.

For the first time: White Guide Stockholm

WHITE GUIDE: For the first time today, a White Guide for a specific city was launched – Stockholm. White Guide Stockholm 2016-17 contains the very best restaurants, cafés and 20 hotels with exceptional personalities.

The guide is in both Swedish and English, and features restaurants and cafés from the 2016 Swedish guides that were launched in March in May, respectively (some restaurant reviews are new). For the first time, White Guide has also reviewed hotels, and selected 20 of Stockholm's most exceptional ones, in different price ranges.

"We're extra happy to have a sneak premiere of hotels in White Guide Stockholm, with a selection of 20 that have exceptional personality. As when we review restaurants and cafés, extra care has been taken to develop a points system that will help the guest to find the right hotel for the right occasion. We see a big demand for initiated and thorough reviews of hotels, and are aiming to develop this concept in all our markets in the future", says Peter Hansson, CEO of White Guides AB.

Read the full press release (in Swedish) HERE!

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